Stir-fly the beef

Raw material: Cows tenderloin 350g, green Onions a root, carrot half root, ginger 8g, dry chili 12, garlic and grain, vinegar 15ml, soy sauce 30ml, starch 8g, rice wine 30ml, salt 3g, edible oil right amount.

cook: 1. Beef, cut into strips, with water after soaking two hours later drain, put vinegar, starch, a little yellow wine salted 30 minutes;

2. Onions abluent hind, from middle sliver, cut into parts, carrot wash peeling slices;

3. Fry boiler heat; add oil, ginger, garlic grain, dry chili anti-inflammatory fragrance

4. Add one-third of Fried Onions and carrots to carrots Microsoft

5. Add beef and rice wine, soy sauce wood-pile into heat

6. Add the remaining scallions stirring, add salt to taste.


special cuisine

In China, if some people are very interesting about Chinese food culture, they will do not eat in famous restaurant, because is very expensive and taste just so so, the one point just give you experience, they will more time to eat in some small and famous special cuisine, so in here I just use 30sec to introduce 4 very special cuisine.


Introduce Traditional Chinese Rice-pudding


Rice-pudding from dragon boat festival, in this day, Chinese people will be eat Rice-pudding, because of to commemorate Qu Yuan.

Introduction of Qu Yuan

According to history book “SHI JI",QU YUAN who is The Spring and Autumn Period minister. Chu Yuan [Qu Yuan ] (340-278 b.c.), the chief poet in the Songs of Chu, was a member of the ruling house, a statesman and diplomat.

Qu yuan was one of the greatest Chinese romantic poets; China is one of the earliest famous poet and a great statesman. But Chu Yuans comet-like success incurred the jealousy of his fellow ministers, who slandered and intrigued against him.

Because the favour of qu yuan's lost king and fired office. After some ups and downs in his career - because he was recalled to every banished, only once again become court rebuffed confounded. During that time, his country is in danger. Failed to heed the advice of Qu yuan, the king's a meeting with the king of chu silly chin (shaanxi), the most powerful military nation, during that time, he held the chin, troops and died in captivity. His son, new king, not revenge death, his fathers and he a humiliating the enemies of peace. However, it did not stop chin aggressive design on, Qu Yuan, he has begun his exile due to his political defeat, live long enough, see his country's capital, rape, ruined his chin the conquering army in 278 b.c. At that time, qu yuan is already a has more than sixty, the old man to fall of the Qu Yuan capital is the final blow his patriotic hope. He does not seem to have long survived his diaster, for the next we hear of him is that he had drowned himself in the river Mi-lo. As the first known great poet in China, Chu Yuan has been called the father of Chinese poetry and has become, in the opinion of some, a national culture hero.

How to make Rice-Pudding

material: Glutinous rice two jins of half, green beans, two jins of about half a catty of wild-pigs, spices, salted duck eggs, mushrooms, dried shrimp five apply adequate amount, dry convoy, Yunnan ham meat is right amount, rice-pudding leaves (leaves) a kilo, which a small salt-water grass.

Another: the preparation with scissors a kitchen

step1: Green bean: cold water to immerse in advance before night, and the next day to rub hands grabbed Green bean, green bean skin will flake. Remove about half of the almost as mung bean skin, add oil, little salt s.

step2:mushroom: hot water, soak overnight in advance when soaking in a hot water into puts a bit of sugar, can take out flavor.

step3: Rice-pudding leaf and salty water grass: early night on pot hot water to boil a weakened was taken, the dumplings, and cute leaves on with a clean cloth a piece of the two sides to wash (words, can be boiled lazy long point, then rinse, but cook together for a long time, also the fresh fragrance the bamboo got didn't), then put cold water soak overnight. Set aside.

step4: Before use wild-pigs: cut with five spice, a little chunk of soy sauce seasoning salt marinate twenty minutes.

step5: Wash eggs: half cooked, with small spoon, cut the meat salted duck eggs dig out, again half-and-half patent.

step6: Rice: washed bubble five minutes, pour out the water, put little salt, little sugar oil.


Eggs Fried shrimps

Eggs fried shrimps are very normal food in China, not only this dish entropy, but also cook is very simple.

1. To prepare material, include: EGGS, shrimp meat, salt, food oil, essence of chicken

2. Clean the shrimp meat, mixing the eggs and join a little salt and essence

3. Join food oil in pan than put shrimp meat to fried, may be 2 min, take out shrimp in plate.

4. Put food oil in pan than join mixing eggs in pan and fried, maybe 1 min than put shrimp meat together.


Chinese Cold Dishes

Hot FOOD before try Cold dish plz when in restaurant.

why should eat cold dishes first, there are three reasons:
1. whet the appetite, Dine order, we should start with appetizers, than eat cold dishes and eat hot food, soup, so Cold Dishes can help people more interesting to eat follow hot food.
2.don't wait hot food to waste time, because hot food you might be wait 10 min or long time, but cold dishes is very fast and you can eat cold dishes to wait hot dishes.
3.Cold Dishes can help you more easy to understand this restaurant style, so in the last time you will be more choose.


Introduce Guangzhou food culture

"Eating in Guangzhou" that is truth, Food industry in Guangzhou in China has always been the best and a large number of experienced hundred years and its old and new boutique, tradition and innovation, a famous dishes, flavor of food stalls, famous name to enumerate. Drinking tea, drink soup is a feature in Guangzhou, also becomes a kind local unique culture.

Guangzhou cuisine is in Guangdong main body and representatives. Cantonese cooking methods have 21 kinds, especially in fry, fry, stewed, fry, boil, stewing, buckle etc to grow perceptibly, pay attention to the temperature; produce dishes notice color, aroma, taste and shape. To clear in the taste, fresh, tender, and crisp primarily, exquisite clear and not light, bright and not common, tender and not born, oil but not greasy, seasonal strong, summer and delicate, the emphasis on the bowels to full-bodied.

Guangzhou people love soup is notoriously, Guangzhou people either at home or in restaurants diners, first consider not on what food, but what soup. In the banquet on "soup" is always sing leading role.

Guangzhou soup has developed into a local special culture contains full-bodied, if not expensive soup, sheet is the pot cooking for several hours, is enough to make soup sweet thick alcohol fresh. "Heaven first soup" Ming Chao "pigeon", old fire swallowing yan is particularly famous soup.

Eating in Gunagzhou

Cantonese Food, one of the four major food styles in China originated right here.


Fish filets in hot chili oil

Fish filets in hot chili oil materials:

Fresh one fish, bean sprout, one lettuce, little Apium graveolens and some caraways


Chinese prickly ash one handful, dry chili section one handful, salt one spoon, chicken essence one small spoon, pepper one small spoon, starch one tablespoon, ten slices ginger slices, onion segment 6 section, cook wine 50ml, broad bean paste one tablespoon, chili powder, one egg and water 1, 500 ml
How to cook this dish:

1. The fish fillets into a thin, then use the pepper, egg white, cooking wine, five slices ginger, three pieces Onions, starch and salt for salted 20 minutes

2. Fry pan just pour some oil when hot, then add the remaining ginger, garlic slices, one and a half of prickly ash and one and a half of dry chili section sauté, stay fragrance after coming out into the bean sauce. Stir together

3. Then into the pot about 500 ml water (1 bowl or so), add fish bone head together after the boil, boiling fillets into hot 2 minutes to the rest of the onion, add, can turn the heat down.


braised pork with preserved vegetable in soya sauce

Raw material: streaky pork(1000g), Preserved Vegetables(150g) , amylum(10g),white sugar(30g)

Soy sauce (30g), garlic, ginger, anise

step1. Clean preserved vegetable and use water soak preserved vegetable 30min.

step2. Streaky pork, garlic, ginger, anise, all together boil in water 30min

step3. After 30min put pork in hot pan (boil oil), and put some soy sauce.

step4. Take cut pork, and cut piece (A centimeter thick).

step5. Heat the oil in the wok, put garlic, white sugar, anise and preserved vegetable. (5min)

step6. Last step, use steamer and steamed in clear soup 50 min.


Talk about Chinese food in the UK

Interviews with students who talk about Chinese food, what they cook and their favourite dishes while they are studying away from home.


Steamed perch with scallion and black beans

Material: green onion, ginger slice, sesame oil (a few drops of), rice vinegar, half cup water, white sugar, garlic, light soy sauce, corn flour, wine, salt.

step1: kill fish and clean it.

step2: touch salt with fish, fill in green onion in belly, add ginger slice and flood half hour.

step3: join wine, rice vinegar, white sugar and water.

step4: Steam pan after boiling add put the fish sauce silk

step5: According to the weight of the fish size decided the time, generally not steam can be controlled in great bass within eight minutes

step6: Time to put the fish out of the pot, will come out to steam steamed fish sauce, this step is to throw the key to remove fish stench.

step7: Prepare a clean pan, just pour some oil boil, will oil evenly pour over fish body.


Dumplings Story

Dumplings which is very famous Chinese traditional food, not only in China and all around people know Dumplings and they like eat it, so today i want to introduce Dumplings why is more important food in Chinese people's heart. What is a dumplings story?

There are two stories in folk circulates.

One story: Once up a time, there has been the emperor wants to have living forever which means he never died, a traitor minister have a idea if emperor have eaten 100 different dish, it's would be living forever. Emperor was very happy then plan one day eaten 3 different dish and as soon as invite different cooker to cook food. A few days, all around famous cooker comes imperial, Suxiaosheng who is very famous cooker consecrate 99 dish and emperor plan last dish take to Suxiaosheng, next day the problem is Suxiaosheng break his brain cannot image how do last dish, he was very worried that emperor would kill him, when he was deflated, he suddenly see in table on some remaining mutton and vegetables, then picj up a knife chop the meat and vegetable mixed together, at random, with white flour puts seasoning bag many small male pheasant, then put water pot boil, as to last dish give emperor. Suxiaosheng think he must be die because is rubbish cooker in his life, but emperor very like it, and give this new dish best valuation.

Another story: Dumping formerly known’s as: “charming ear", is ancient's medical people ZhangZhongJing first invention.

The eastern Han dynasty last years, each district disaster, many people are suffering from serious illness. NanYang city there was a famous doctor called Zhangzhongjing to help people save life, his medical ethics noble, no matter people poor or rich he has earnestly the essential etiopathogenesis, saved many lives.

When ZhangZhongJing in ChangSha to be an official, one year local disease prevalence, he used cauldron and alms medicine to save people, he is so kind that by the people's respect and affection.


sweet and sour spareribs

Steps to cook it, clean ribs and cut small are better. 2. Put ribs in pan and use water boil together, maybe 10 min, I will be outwell water because is to dirty, and put water again, and then put anises, green onion and salt together. Using A simmers system 30-50 min. 3. take out ribs in bowl and remove moisture, now I need make a baste, put cooking wine, soy sauce, white sugar, vinegar and water then mixed together. 4. Put edible oil in pan, when the oil hot put ribs and baste together. Ok those are sweet and sour spareribs steps, if you something not understand you can give me feedback. sweet and sour spareribs story today i will talk about sweet and sour spareribs why is more popular in China, the story was happened in Song dynasty, one day, JiGong monk comes from WuXi city and pass by butcher shop, JiGong monk want to shopkeeper give him some money, but shopkeeper have no many give this monk and only meat for him, JiGong constantly take meat fast to eat only leave bone, finally the shopkeeper unhappy because monk eat all meat only leave bone for shopkeeper. shopkeeper said:" you eat all meat, how do i make money in tomorrow” the monk said:"sell bone". next day, the shopkeeper dubitation use bone put in pan and put some water to cook it, surprisingly the smell around all house and attract neighbor come here. Evermore this shop began operating the meat bones business, made a lot of money. In Qing dynasty Wuxi "mo thriving butcher's" braised pork with soy sauce are more popular. In order to expand market, use high salary invited several profession cookers and in the original basis improve cook. So today we eat sweet and sour spareribs have experienced countless people's improvement.


cold and dressed with sauce with pig ear dish

The clod pig ear is very delicious food in China, and it is very popular in the UK focus on Chinese students and is very cheaper.

Raw material: pig ear, one onion.

Condiment: Pepper, chili powder, salt, gourmet powder, sugar, Chinese prickly ash grain, salad oil

Cook: 1. Pan into the salad, directly into prickly ash grain slowly fry fragrance.

2. Put pepper and chili powder in small bowl.

3. Fried prickly ash into chili oil bowl and pepper sweet chili oil is done

4. Cut the pig ear pieces, and boil in hot water then put in bowl


Fried eggs with tomatoes

Today I will introduce how to cook fried eggs with tomatoes, because this dish is my favorite, and in China this is very popular. not only taste very delicious, but also cook is very simple.


Eggs, tomatoes, salt, cooking wine, essence of chicken, edible oil, shallot, and sugar


1. Put eggs in bowl, and then mixing totally. put salts, a little cooking wine .

2. put edible oil in pan (don't put much), to make sure edible oil hot, then put before mixing eggs in pan to fried fast. Take out in bowl.

3. Cut tomatoes for piece, and then put some oil in pan, fried fast and into some sugar.

4. Finally put before eggs with potatoes together, fry a few, then you can eat.


Home Cooking

This picture is very normal food in China, but basically people all eat four dishes and one soup.

One vegetable, one meat and one seafood like fish or crab, soup always like egg add tomato.

Nutrition collocation is very important in China; quantity is not much is fine. I am not clear why some country eat steak or bread as a staple food, but in China rice has good choose for staple food, so in here i will introduce rice to help you understand why Chinese people want to use rice staple food.

Rice is the main component of carbohydrate, rice protein is mainly meters of lean protein and amino acid composition of comparison, the human body to digest absorb completely. Brown rice of minerals, fiber, B vitamins (especially Vitamin B1) content than the paddy rice in high, but rice of lysine content lower.



The picture is Chinese character “食”, the English means FOOD, in China is a very special. There are many idioms about Chinese food, such as: food is the paramount necessity of the people. (民以食为天),Do not speak at the feeding or sleeping time.(食不言,寝不语). These idioms all can show Chinese people treat the food more important. The British people salutary always like:"What’s the weather", but Chinese people salutary always like:"What are you eating today".

Those different ways show us in China people care about eat more than weather.

In here firstly i will introduce Chinese food culture, Chinese food is very special, in the international community to “rip in China, in Sichuan flavor," a reputation. Food culture include:

Diet resources, professional Healthy Cooking, Food producers, food remedy, food folk custom. This all compose Chinese food culture.

Dietary Structure

In China, the rice as staple food than other stuffs include meat, fish and vegetable. Looks like normal between other country, but different is how to cooking, Chinese cuisine gives emphasis to selection of raw materials, the texture of food, the perfect timing of cooking and so on.

In next time I will show how to cook Chinese food, many different cooking skills such as: steamed in clear soup, fry, and smolder cooking and so on.